About Lift

Lift is the meeting place for cannabis in Canada. Whether you’re browsing strains and reviews on our marketplace, reading the latest news in our digital and print publications, chatting with a Licensed Producer at a Lift Expo, or consulting with a physician at your local Lift Resource Centre, Lift is the link between you, cannabis, and a vibrant community of knowledgeable Canadians. Our mission is to facilitate conversations and spread credible information in an era of rapid legitimization and growth of the new cannabis economy in our society.

Experienced with cannabis or trying it for the first time; young, old, or somewhere in between; patient, consumer, physician or entrepreneur: Everybody meets at Lift.



The Lift Marketplace is home to Canada’s largest community of medical cannabis patients and strain reviews.

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Lift Points

Lift Points is Canada’s first loyalty program for cannabis. Leave reviews, collect points, and get discounts on cannabis. It’s simple.

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Lift News provides industry-leading coverage of Canada’s cannabis sector for both consumers and businesses.

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Lift Magazine focuses on the health-and-wellness aspects of cannabis and is printed quarterly and distributed to pharmacies, physicians offices, and other retail establishments across the country.

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Lift Events are held throughout the year from coast to coast. The Lift Expo is Canada’s largest cannabis trade show and features over 150 exhibitors and speakers from across North America and Europe. Over 10,000 people attend these two-day events.

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Resource Centres

Lift Resource Centres are cannabis-focused education centres in the community that assist patients with learning more about medical cannabis and how to access it in Canada. On-site physicians provide qualified patients with the documentation needed to acquire medical cannabis.

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Our Story

Lift was conceived in 2013 as Health Canada began to implement a new federal medical marijuana program called the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). These regulations represented a massive shift in how Canadian patients accessed medical cannabis, moving away from small, personal home-grows to larger and more heavily regulated commercial producers growing on behalf of patients. At the time, very little information was available about how this new program worked, who the licensed producers were, and if their products were even any good.

Having worked for over 5 years as the Director of Marketing at Keirton – maker of leading commercial cannabis trimming machines sold on 5 continents – Tyler Sookochoff was aware of the impact that these new large-scale producers would have on the industry in Canada and the types of questions and concerns that would inevitably arise. As he began to research the new MMPR program and its participants, Tyler discovered that no credible sources of information yet existed – and if he was having difficulties learning more, surely thousands of Canadian patients would face a similar struggle. Tyler set out to build his own resource with the goal of sharing information freely online to anyone who might benefit from it.

Lift’s first website launched in January of 2014 and it quickly caught on. Others passionate about cannabis who identified similar challenges in finding information soon joined forces with Lift to help shape the direction of the company and contribute to its rapid organic growth.

What started as a simple informational website listing Canada’s medical marijuana regulations and products has grown into an expansive technology and media brand covering every facet of the cannabis industry, both in-person and online. Lift has truly become the meeting place for cannabis in Canada.

Lift Timeline

  • Oct 2013 – Idea for Lift as a resource for the new MMPR was born
  • Jan 2014 – Lift website launches
  • Jun 2014 – Lift holds innovative ‘Get Happy Canada’ contest, consisting of free cannabis for a year; contest gains international media exposure
  • Aug 2014 – First annual Canadian Cannabis Awards launches online
  • Sep 2014 – New website launches, custom-built from the ground up for Canadian cannabis patients
  • Nov 2014 – First Licensed Producer joins Lift Points program, enabling Lift members to redeem points for discounts on actual cannabis
  • May 2015 – First ‘Lift Cannabis Forum’ held in Vancouver
  • Aug 2015 – Second ‘Canadian Cannabis Awards’ held online
  • Dec 2015 – First Lift Resource Centre opens
  • Apr 2016 – First edition of the Lift Print Magazine is published
  • May 2016 – First Lift Cannabis Expo held in Toronto
  • Aug 2016 – Third annual ‘Canadian Cannabis Awards’ launches
  • Sep 2016 – Second Lift Cannabis Expo to be held in Vancouver

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